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19 Jul 2017
Have you ever attempted to lose weight and found your time and energy not satisfactory? It is possible to lose weight quickly; you just need to arm yourself with some simple weight loss tips that have proven successful for millions of people. All you have to do is turn on the tv, open a mag or even drive down the road and you'll be deluged with a plethora of diet plans and weight loss pills all promising you instant success. But, there's a common denominator in each of these products and it's really a simple formula, take in fewer calories than you use in a day. There you have it, the bottom line of any successful weight loss program. It's definitely not as easy as it sounds, but it can be done.

The first step in any weight loss program Caralluma Actives is to limit the number of calories you consume in a day. This can be done through fasting, or a change in diet that results in a reduction in the number of calories taken in. This caloric deficit will require you body to burn stored fat in order to supply necessary fuel to function properly. When this happens, weight loss occurs. The larger the calorie deficit, the greater the rate at which you lose weight.

One pound of weight is equivalent to approximately 3, 500 calories. So, if a person needed 2, 500 calories per day to maintain their weight, reducing their calorie consumption to 2, 000 calories per day would create a deficit of 500 calories. Over the course of seven days, that 500 calorie per day deficit (500 x 7 days) would result in 3, 500 calories less than your body needs to maintain itself. That 3, 500 calorie deficit translates into 1 pound of weight loss. Likewise, if this same person reduced their daily calorie consumption to 1, 500 calories, they would have a 7, 000 calorie deficit over the course of a week, or 2 pounds of weight loss.

The next step in a successful fat burning is exercise. By incorporating exercise into your daily routine you increase the number of calories your body needs because exercise burns calories. So if the same person in our example above continued to eat their regular diet of 2, 500 calories they would maintain their weight because they haven't created a deficit. Now if this person decided to start walking an hour a day, they would create a deficit of approximately 170 calories... almost no, but over the course of about 3 weeks they would lose 1 pound. Obviously, if they walked a little faster, maybe did it twice a day or added some other exercise to their routine, the rate at which they lose weight would increase significantly.

An extra benefit of including exercise in your weight loss program is it's affect on your metabolism. Exercise increases your metabolism, meaning your body will burn more calories while resting. Exercise will also help tone your body as you commence to lose weight. However, this rate of weight loss is not linear, the more calories you restrict, the more your metabolic rate is reduced. When the metabolic rate is lowered, your body requires fewer calories to maintain proper functioning and the rate at which you lose weight is reduced.


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